Drive economic development with an online Zoning Code that’s clear, easy to understand and always up to date.

Your Zoning Code is constantly changing—and that’s a good thing. It means your community is poised for growth and focused on success. Reflecting the most current and accurate vision of your community is important and General Code can help by creating a feature-rich Zoning Code that’s easy to use, simple to keep up to date and accurately presented in our smart and flexible online platform: eCode360®.

When changes do occur in your Zoning Code, our team of codification experts can make timely, accurate updates for you. eCode360 is a secure, reliable resource for accessing the most current version of your Code while providing developers, engineers, architects, attorneys and others with a user experience that’s second to none in the codification industry.

Let us structure your Zoning Code for growth. Explore the possibilities with us below!

  • Table Support
    We keep tables integrated within your Code so users can easily view them in context. By enhancing tables when needed, we can keep them legible, functional and consistent throughout your Code.
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  • Multi-Column Layout
    We support a multi-column layout approach where it makes sense to keep content within a proper section and in close proximity to relevant images. This eliminates the need to jump back and forth between pages to find information.
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  • Searchable Image Captions
    Rather than being static elements, image captions are fully searchable—just like the rest of the online Code. This means that words or phrases contained in the caption will appear in your search results.
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  • Color Coding
    Color coding is used primarily as a navigational aid. Strategically used in section headers, maps, tables and other elements of your online code, color coding promotes a clear, organized Code structure and serves as a strong visual cue that connects related content and images. This helps the reader easily peruse the Code without confusion.
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  • High Quality Graphics
    We seamlessly integrate high resolution charts, maps and illustrations with relevant content in your Code to enhance overall clarity and usability. Once you click on a graphic, an enlarged, high-res version will open that is detailed and easy to read.
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  • Custom Solutions
    Every community is unique, so it’s important that your originality is fully reflected in your online Zoning Code. Our proprietary eCode360 platform allows us to accommodate all special requests you may have so that your Zoning Code is a carefully crafted solution that meets your unique needs.
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What’s your situation?

Whether you have a graphically-rich Zoning Code, overlay district or a traditional text-based Zoning Code, we can make it readily available to a variety of users on our dynamic eCode360 platform. Tell us your need below.
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