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If your code is online with eCode360 it means you can use our intelligent Search tool that allows you to drill down into your Code to find sections or chapters that are important to you and your needs.

Conduct a Basic Search
Enter a term in the toolbar’s search field and press enter. The Search Results page will appear with a snapshot of available content that matches your search term, including any new laws or public documents.
On the Results Page you can:
  1. Click on one or more of the results to go to the section of interest.
  2. Click “Show More” at the bottom of a search result to reveal more content.
  3. Filter results by type (click New Laws, Code or Minutes) to view only that type.
  4. Revise your search terms. Click in the search box and type a new search term over the previous term. Press enter and a new results page will appear.
  5. Share search results: Click the wrench icon to print or email a link to content from your search.
  6. Relevance: Click the arrow to change sort order from Relevance to Natural Order. Natural Order shows results in the order they would appear in your Code.
Conducting an Advanced Search
eCode360’s search feature works well for simple queries, but eCode360 also has tools for sophisticated, very specific searches. For more information click here.

To learn how to use all of the eCode tools that are available to you, sign up for a webinar. Our one-hour Intro to eCode360 webinar is free to municipal staff and gives you a chance to ask individual questions—right from your desk. Sign up today!


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