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eCode360 users everywhere are giving PubDocs a thumbs up

Anyone who regularly uses PubDocs as part of their eCode360 toolbox knows it’s a great way to upload minutes, meeting agendas and other public documents. Many communities are finding even more great ways to use PubDocs that keep constituents connected to important information. Here are just a few examples:

Simplify the Upload and Sharing of Minutes and Agendas
Communities like the Town of North Branford, Connecticut are finding that PubDocs saves staff time because they don’t have to rely on their webmaster or other resident tech expert to add minutes and other documents for them.


Link to PubDocs Categories from Your Existing Municipal Website
Logan Township, Pennsylvania and the City of Crystal Lake, Illinois are great examples of communities that make a habit of placing a direct link to public document categories on their websites. This gives constituents a fast and simple way to find the information they need on their own, in a place they regularly visit online.


Host a Searchable Version of Your Comprehensive Plan
Constituents and planners will often be looking for your comprehensive plan when they are looking at your Code. Lacey Township uploads comprehensive plans to PubDocs, providing a detailed, transparent view of community projects and goals.

Haven’t tried PubDocs or need a refresher?
We can help! See step-by-step instructions to upload PubDocs here. If you would prefer to learn about PubDocs from our Trainer, sign up to attend a webinar. Remember, you will need to be an Administrative user with a password to upload files to PubDocs. Request a password.

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