Legislating e-Cigarettes/Vaping

While the use of traditional tobacco products among Americans has hit an all-time low of 20%, the use of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, continues to surge across the United States.

At the end of 2015, sales of e-cigarettes in the U.S. were approximately $3 billion and that number is expected to continue to grow by a staggering 24.2% per year through 2018 according to Fortune magazine. Such interest in a product that has many proven—and still yet to be proven—public health risks has encouraged municipalities to ask some tough questions about how to regulate the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces and workplaces.

Thirty-seven states and the District of Columbia prohibit smoking in most workplaces, but only a handful of states have specifically addressed the issue of smoking e-cigarettes, also known as “vaping,” in the workplace.

How are municipalities across the U.S. handling the vaping issue in their Codes? Here are few examples:


  • The Town of Ashland regulates the sale of tobacco and nicotine delivery systems.
  • The City of Beverly outlines smoking and vaping regulations to protect health of city employees and constituents.


  • The City of Ellisville adds supplemental restrictions on cigar bars, Hookah lounges and vapor lounges.

New Jersey

New York

  • The Town of Hempstead bans tobacco products, liquid nicotine and electronic cigarettes to those under 21 years of age.
  • The Village of Lynbrook bans use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs in public places.

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