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Let’s say a resident of your community missed the last monthly town board meeting and didn’t get to see the latest budget numbers. Or maybe a developer has heard great things about your town’s new comprehensive plan but doesn’t know where to find it. Gaining access to these public documents might normally require a phone call or maybe even a visit to the town hall—and that takes time.

With PubDocs, you can now keep a wide variety of non-Code-related in one central place within your eCode for easy, anytime online access.

Improve transparency

Documents that are important to you and your constituents including agendas, meeting minutes, temporary resolutions, and budgets are easy to find and use. PubDocs is particularly useful for FOIL and Open Records requests because constituents can search for information on their own, without tying up municipal resources.

Make searches more robust

When you conduct a search on your eCode, public documents that are related to that topic will be displayed in your search results. With PubDocs you can search by name, date, keywords or other advanced features. Documents can even be organized by category so you can narrow your search faster.

Point users to additional information

In your eCode, you can add links to information stored in PubDocs so that you tell other users where to find information that may be of further use or interest to them. See how to add notes here.

Supports multiple file formats

With PubDocs, you can post documents in the file formats you use most whether it’s a Word document, PDF, xml, txt or another file format. PubDocs even supports fillable PDFs so you don’t have to print and fill out forms by hand.

Reduces backlogs of public documents

If your municipality generates a lot of public documents, PubDocs offers a bulk upload feature that allows you to upload multiple documents at one time. The bulk uploader is available at an additional one-time cost of $250.

Check out how municipalities like yours already use PubDocs:

Blackman Charter Township, MI

Borough of Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Borough of Bridgeport, PA

Try PubDocs for yourself

See how to upload PubDocs here. You’ll need an upgraded eCode360 and an administrative password to add PubDocs. Use this form to ask us how we can help you easily upgrade your account so you can enjoy the many great benefits of PubDocs. If you’re not yet an eCode360 customer and would like to be, we’re happy to offer you a quote. Request a quote to get started!

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