Five New Year’s Resolutions you can keep with eCode360®

With each New Year comes the usual bucket list of promises to improve our health, finances and other areas of our lives. While the intentions behind New Year’s resolutions are good, it’s a safe bet that most of the promises we make on January 1st won’t be around when the calendar flips to February or March.

Can things be different this year? Absolutely! In fact, as an eCode360 customer, there are five promises that are easy to keep when it comes to managing your online Code…

  1. Explore new places
    Our eCode360 library hosts the online Codes of more than 3,000 municipalities in 35 States so it’s easy to explore the Codes of cities and towns like yours to see how they have incorporated similar types of legislation into their Codes. If you are looking to draft new legislation in 2018, the eCode360 Library is a good starting point for creating sample legislation.

  2. Get organized
    With eCode360, there’s no better way to ensure that everything related to your Code of Laws is well organized and easily accessible. With a few clicks, you can search your Code by topic or keywords to find just what you need. And as new legislation is passed, we make sure your eCode is up to date and enforceable.

  3. Share more
    eCode360’s Share feature lets you select content from your Code and easily share it on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can simply copy the displayed link and paste it to another location.

    The Notes and Custom Links feature allows you to create notations anywhere within your Code that you can make viewable to everyone, a group of staff, or just yourself.

  4. Lose some “wait”
    eCode360 is designed to be simple to use, so you can make the best use of your time finding the information you need in your Code, when you need it. Having your Code online can help your constituents find information on their own, reducing the amount of time it takes to research information for them or field phone calls to answer their questions.

  5. Learn something new
    If you are new to eCode360, or just need a refresher on the latest new tools, our biweekly webinars give you an opportunity to ask questions about eCode360—in real time—and see actual demonstrations of its many tools and features from your own desktop. Sign up for any or all of our sessions here!

Here’s to keeping your resolutions all year long!

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