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Spring/Summer 2018 Issue
Celebrating festivals, parks, our clients and eCode360®.

Roadkill Grilling and Cow Chip Throwing (Yeah, there’s a festival for that)

From the historic to the hysterical, local festivals are on the rise, prompting host municipalities to take a closer look at legislation that protects their community, residents and patrons. Learn more and find sample legislation >


Celebrating the Art of the Urban Park and the Visionary Who Started It All

Summer festival season means that public parks will soon be filled with reveling visitors from near and far. But did you know that before the mid-1800s, urban parks didn’t exist in American cities? A visionary named Frederick Law Olmsted changed all that. Read on >


Tweeting It From the Housetop!

Does your municipality have the best strawberry festival? Are you trying to get a new music or arts fest off the ground? Does your local farm market need to draw more customers or vendors? Your social media channels can be your best (and most cost-effective) way of spreading the word to audiences that traditional advertising or communications can’t reach. The world at large is literally within your grasp on social media. Read more >



We’re Celebrating 10 Years of eCode360! (Here’s how you can, too)

Check out some of the ways you can join the party – and be among the first to try our newest eCode features! Click here >


On Topic

Survey Says…

In our Winter issue, we asked for your favorite fictional mayor. And while McDonaldland’s Mayor McCheese made a ‘gouda’ race of it, it was Mayor Adam West of “The Family Guy” you finally elected!

This time around, you get to let us know your favorite kind of community festival. Take the poll now! Vote now >



Celebrating Client Achievements From the Past Year

We work with some pretty remarkable clients. Take a moment and read about some of the great achievements from the past year that have come to our attention.  Read more>

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