Tables can be easily replicated or completely recreated to convey the intended content in the most clear and impactful way possible. Color coding in the charts and tables aligns with the rest of the Code, so you always have a visual cue as to where you can find information related to a particular zone or topic. Zone titles in the table are also searchable—you could search for “TC6” and find a robust list of references to the Boulevard zone.
We can also create color coded maps in which each color corresponds to a particular zone. Each zone title is searchable so you can easily find more information about the zone with a single click.
We also capitalize on the flexibility of eCode360 by color-coding section headers in the navigation bar to keep related content together and easily accessible. By clicking a color header, the reader is taken to the corresponding content. The colored header remains at the top of the page as you scroll through the section’s content. When you reach the next section, the header and color changes to indicate you are reading new content.

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