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Give municipal staff access to advanced eCode360® tools

One of the great things about logging into your eCode using your Admin password is that you have full access to eCode360 tools that aren’t available to everyone. You might find, however, that your municipal attorney could really benefit from using Multicode Search or Download to Word for help in drafting new legislation. Or maybe your municipal planners would like to view Archived Codes or create Group Notes. As an eCode360 Admin User, you can add Municipal Users to eCode360 to give current and new staff members access to these and other smart tools to help them better serve your municipality and your citizens.

What tools are available when you login using your password?
Refer to 
this chart to compare the capabilities available to Public, Municipal and Admin users.

Simple Steps to Add a New eCode360 User
  1. Login to eCode using your password. (Haven’t activated your eCode360 Admin password yet? Request your password here).
  2. Click the “Admin” button in the top grey bar.
  3. Click “Manage Users” in the left sidebar.
  4. Type the email address of the Admin or Municipal User you would like to add.
  5. Hit enter, or click the green plus + to the right.

The person you have added will receive an email with instructions on activating their account and creating a password. Until the invited person activates their account, their email address will appear in the list as bold with an arrow icon . If they did not receive their email or need it resent, click the arrow icon to send a new invitation email.

User Tip:
Click the red X to remove a user. You can remove a “Municipal User” and add them as an “Admin User” to change their permissions.

To learn how to use all of the eCode tools that are available to you as an Admin User, sign up for our webinar for administrators. This eCode360 webinar is free to clients and gives you a chance to ask individual questions—right from your desk. Sign up today!


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